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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Animal Nature

   Animals aren't just window dressing.  We don't like them because they are pretty or interesting.  We like them because they have personality.
   Sometimes that personality is dangerous.
Hmmm, the main course holding the appetizer.
 A good run builds the appetite.
Run him over this way, bear.
We believe in eating with the little folk.
Though sometimes the little ones bite back.
And sometimes they don't know they're little
Dangerous?  What's dangerous about lil ol' me?
   And sometimes their personalities are fearless.
You wanna come out and play?
We could romp in the garden.
Or splash in the pool.
If I can cross this scary road and get past all the cars, there's a butcher shop across the street.
Crossing the road?  I cross the just to get to the other side.  THIS is the real scary place.
   But we love them best when their personalities are just weird.
   What do you mean duck-billed?  Fedoras have straight brims, silly.
People think I'm nuts when I do this.
Those cans look tasty, Mom
Hey, you're from Labrador, not France!
What do you mean, weird?
   The real question is how do the animals see us?

Maybe we need to work on our personalities...
Before they give up on us.

Maybe we'd be less annoying if we didn't grow up.