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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

To avoid the creepy change, I must re - sign.

   It's a season of creepy change.  Many things are going bad or going away.  If I didn't believe it, then I just wasn't looking at the signs.

Anybody know how to work this thing?
Maybe if we just think creative thoughts?

But not deep thoughts.
This doesn't look good.
Well - I avoided one problem anyway.
The bad thing is - he's better than other choices out there.
But speaking of food...
 I guess this is Hannibal's favorite cracker (sorry.)
I prefer my bananas that way.
I don't eat Chinese food.  I'm a dog lover.
Speaking of which...
To take a break from the creepiness,  I love a good flier.
Some can be obvious
Some can be helpful
I guess that's helpful
But the creepy creeps back in.
Oh No!!!!
Sign sigh.
So if the creepy changes ends the world in the next few months, I want to say to you all one last time...

   Well, at least we can't blame the media for any of this creepiness.