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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hall's Sayings for the Seasonally Unmotivated

 The cold weather’s coming back. I’m looking around for a recliner, a dark corner, a bear cave, or someplace where I can hibernate till March (maybe April.) Until I got politically shamed for it, I used to cheer for global warming.
Gray skies, freezing rain, flu viruses that always manage to mutate enough to make the current flu shot worthless…
Never been a cold weather guy.
Last winter, a co-worker with a scratchy throat brought in a bag of Halls cough drops.
“What’s the difference between your expensive cough drops and my cheap ones?” I asked.
“You mean other than the fact that yours are made from chemical waste in Bhopal India?”
“Yeah,” I said, not understanding the Bhopal reference, “other than that.”
“Mine have corny sayings on each wrapper.”
“Really, really!”
Knowing my constant need for material for this blog, I asked her for her used wrappers. I kept them hermetically sealed in an empty bottle of NyQuil knowing that some day I would get desperate enough to post a list of them.
This is that desperate day!
Halls Cough Drops Sayings
Don’t wait to get started
Dust off and get up
Fire up those engines

A pep talk in every drop TM (I love that little trademark emblem)
You can do it and you know it.
Go get it!
Elicit a few “wows” today.

Flex your “can do” muscle.
Get through it.
Seize the day. (I’m pretty sure some Italian said that first. In Italian it came out “carpet dealin’, or something like that. Italians must really be jazzed about floor coverings.)
Take charge and mean it.

Power through!
The show must go on. Or work. (Huh?)
Let’s hear your battle cry. (Once I stop coughing.)
Keep your chin up. (A good way to end up swallowing your phlegm… sorry.)
Be unstoppable.
Turn “can do” into “can did!”

It’s yours for the taking.
March forward! (Yes, March is forward. If March had already happened, I wouldn’t need these stupid cough drops.)
Get back in there champ!

I don’t know about you – but I can’t even get those shrink-wrapped energy shots open during the cold months when I’m healthy; I’m supposed rise and respond to this stuff when I have sore throat?

Anybody see a place I can take a nap?

Now some "Winter" blues aren't so bad at all.