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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Mock the Feast

I wonder if man-eating sharks, or killer crocodiles tell human jokes. If an advanced species on a paleo diet landed on Earth and started eating humans (hopefully the lawyers first,) would they draw cartoons about our struggles, our angst, our enhanced edibility when cooked with Bell seasonings?
Sound cruel? Well, we do it.
I did a search for Turkey toons and got pages of them - especially by the toonist, Mark Anderson. Then there was the memes above that were posted by FB friends. We probably should be ashamed of ourselves as a species.

I’ll feel the shame later. For some reason I feel too sleepy just now.

Should we mock turkeys when they are trying to avoid their fate?
By Trickery

Or By Appeal

Should we mock them as they are coming to terms with their doom?

It's not as though they didn't have troubles beyond our murderous holiday.

They mourn, but they don't react in anger.

Sometimes they even cooperate.

Though they have no objection to a bit of karma payback.
And maybe they dream of turkey revolution.
So that they can live out their lives in peace.

And the video.