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Friday, May 8, 2015

Odds and Ends I've Stolen from Smart Friends (and Others.)

It's Friday - I'm working an unscheduled shift today, so I'll give you the stuff I've been stealing from my friend's FB posts over the last few months.
Here's one I've been seeing everywhere.  You haven't?  I guess you don't know my friends.
Yeah, my friends are into labeling.
I have two kinds of friends - hairy and smart.  Yes, I am pretty hairy - why do you ask?
Sounds like this came from my more educated friends.  I don't understand it, but it looks like this might seem funny to smart people.
Humor from math smart people.
From science smart people.
From liberal arts smart people.
 Yeah, smart people are like that.
Some times my smart friends just stare at me for some reason.
Is it something I say?
Or maybe something I write?
These last three are ones from hairy friends - that I actually understand.
They never seem to get a drink at this bar.
I'll wear my asbestos underwear, just in case.
Superhero geek IQ test.

Here's a bit from Wallace and Gromit