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Friday, May 1, 2015

It’s Back! The Best Magazine in the World!

Yes, I do love Things You Never Knew Existed. Seeing it in my snail-mail mailbox is like winning a Pop Tarts lottery. Not that I love everything in it. Some things are over-the-top.
Patriotic Over-the-top

Religiosity Over-the-top
Grotesque Over-the-top
I'll Spare You
And somebody let the nuts out the skylight and they're climbing out to spread their conspiracy garbage Over-the-top.

Don’t get me wrong. I respect patriotism, religion, gross stuff and crazy nut-bags, but that’s not what I look forward to the most with Things You Never Knew Existed. And the best thing is that I've been getting this catalog for three years without buying a thing!
The first few times I referenced TYNKE I posted their tee-shirt designs, and there are new ones in the latest catalog.
I tried this with my landlord - still had to pay my rent.

 Always a trusted voice

What a world it would be if beers were free and opinions weren't

What the world needs now is more bricks

But over time, I've come to love the products as well.
This is a kazoo and a funnel and it's supposed to be a fish caller.
A talking Joker action figure - the guy couldn't beat Robin in a fight, but I loved to hear him talk.

A garden gnome to give guests a reasonable expectation of what they might see in my home.
This is supposed to suck bugs out of the air.  Of course it won't work - but I want one.
A lovely mat to let you play a tune as you... play a tune
The artwork of the great Don Martin.  Who's Don Martin?

Here's a sample