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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I'm Confused

   The news gets stupider, social media gets newsier.  I'm having a hard time telling which is which anymore.
In the news
   A tractor-trailer gets stuck under a bridge.
On Social Media
In the News
  Defendant's counsel demands arrest report - even though the arresting officer was a police dog.
On Social Media
I'm pretty sure this is just fiction.
But How About These?
That Woman Can Make Anything Delicious
That Must Be Part One
Endevor For Ultamate Bestness!
I'm Pretty Sure I've Seen That One.
Bunny Foo Foo, The Reality Show
False Hope Is International
   It may seem like an odd complaint from a guy who writes a blog called Just Plain Stupid, but the whole world seems to be one big Dumb Area.
   Pardon me - the universe.  How could I know?  I'm a stay at planet type of guy.
   Unlike this guy - who used to be smart, but now he sells booze.
   Well, there are a few good ideas out there.
   Who knows - maybe another species will take over thinking for us humans.
   And we can find our inner goofy.
   Just as long as we keep reality at bay.
   Or is it reality holding us at bay?

  Well, at least I can count on Morgan Freeman...
   Cause when I look at reality - I get confused.