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Friday, June 5, 2015

pOnce Again

   I admit it - one of the reasons I don't like puns is that I frequently don't get them.  Maybe they are funny.  Maybe tax simplification really was simpler.  Maybe reality TV really is quality entertainment.
   If these things are true - you can't prove it by me.
   But people seem to like puns if my last pun post is any indication.  one percent  Anyway - here're more.  Don't ask me to explain them.
 Got this from a banker - go figure
 Yeah, you grate on me,
 Grammar police watch everything
Does Disney own Sesame Street?  I'm gonna get sued.
   I don't know why, but animals are featured in a lot of pun pics.
 I've heard worse.
 Not much worse than that.
 Hey!  I got that one!  How do I include it in conversation?
 Coming soon to a theater near you.
Looks good on you.
   Here's a couple for holidays past (or I'm really early.)
 Nothing says battle commemoration like a drunk cat
   And finally - (which you're supposed to say when you get to the last, best bit - but with puns it's just the last bit,) for all you fans of 25-year-old PC games...

   And in an unrelated note - here's John Oliver.