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Monday, September 22, 2014

Puns – Are You the 1 Percent?

Let’s face it – 99% of the world hates puns (or at least claims to.)  That’s the reason I didn’t use a cutesy title to this post using a word that begins with p.u.n. like punnish, punctuation, punitive, pungacious (pugnacious…)  My favorite is P.U. No more puns, please.
The point is that I didn’t use a pun in the title as a public service to the 99% that (at least claim,) don’t like puns.
I’ll bet a few of you spent time looking for a pun in the title, and maybe I’ll even get a few emails pointing them out.
Anyway, I (claim to) belong to the 99% and so the following puns are not mine, but have been forced upon me by my FB friends.
I don’t want to see these again – I’m leaving.  You 1%’ers, turn the lights out when you leave.

This guy claims to have started several awkward conversations with puns.  I can buy that.