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Monday, September 8, 2014

Tee Shirts Again?

Having another Tee Shirt post is like when you have canned chili 6 days in a row because you can’t figure out what else to fix for dinner.
What it means is that I’ve gotten another wonderful issue of Things you never knew existed in my mail box. I sure appreciate the fine folks that I never knew existed for sending me this catalog – especially as I’ve never ordered from them.

What I have done is rip off their Tee Shirt slogans and put them on this blog.  Here's the best from them (that I haven't already ripped off in a previous post.)
People keep pointing this shirt out to me for some reason.
Now with 20% more nitrogen!
Still waiting on the punch line
And here's some from other sources
I knew God created hockey
Sorry clown fans...  Are there any?
So sweet - maybe due to diabetes
That's the spirit
This last group is from a tee shirt trend of making the body part of the message.  A lot of those won't pass the decency test (I failed that twice.)  Here are the cleaner ones.
Nerd-dom free from the weight of tie and pocket protector!
Way to go!
Hurts to look at.
Last couple are for the insufferable.
As long as that means I can go away.

VW did a bunch of these videos.  This is my favorite.