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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

(Insert Clever Pun Title Here)

A few weeks ago I planned to do another pun pictoral and I had this terrible title (which to punsters is a good thing.) Of course I can't remember it.
So here are some puns that my misnamed friends have been posting on FB.
There are animal-based puns
 Slaughtering them to near extinction wasn't enough
It took me a while to get this one
Dogs accept puns as part of the price they pay for kibble
Wildlife isn't so forgiving
And there are human based puns
If this infant is making puns now - how much evil will she do later?
That's how this guy got started.
I always thought these guys belonged together
Can it, Wanna-be.
Then there are food based puns
Why Atlantis will never win a land war
 This might be the oldest pun in the English language
 Not sure if it's a pun, but I want to see someone order Chocolate on a pine cone
Alright - this one actually made me chuckle
And the inanimate puns
 For all you English majors on break at Burger King
 Notice that the landscape requires more real estate?
 This should scotch those ET rumors
I always wondered why crafts in school made me feel...

Here's one my friend Cral laid on us at a restaurant last week (thankfully we were finished eating.)
At the table was a guy from IBM. He told us that working conditions were getting crappy. Cral said, "it makes sense. The company's name is I... BM."
Okay - I might as well embarass myself by including a couple of my own.

A woman walks into a music store and asks the clerk, "I want to learn to play the harp, do you give harp lessons here?"
"Not usually," says the clerk, "but maybe I can pull a few strings."
Here's one for the scientifically minded.

As the light police said to Beam. "If you stay on this bent, it's off to prism you will go."
But here's the best one posted by a friend on FB - I think it was SB.
Get it?
He wrote above it - "Sorry for the cheesy pick-up line."

I chose this obligatory pun vid because it was the shortest.  (You think I'm going to preview 8 minute pun videos?)