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Friday, August 7, 2015

Wild Animals are Scary

   But sometimes they're funny too.  I get so many stealible photos on FB with animals in them that this week I decided to break them down to wild and domesticated.
   There are the big scary ones:

They search for a meal

 Track it down
And then sit down to feast
There are the big not-so-scary ones
That have bad hair days
Bad antler days
And some times just sit around looking sexy
Then there are the little guys, who make up for their lack of stature with:
Or the common sense to run away
Some try to adapt to humankind
Accepting treats
Or staying on their diet
Or even sharing what they have
It's true that technology can make things difficult

And sometimes the best policy is to avoid humans completely
But wild animals know what humans sometimes miss - the most important thing:
Is just to be themselves

   Here's a wild beast from Burbank.