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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Domestic Animals Are Not So Scary

But they can be funny too.
On Friday I did the first of two posts to clear out animal pictures from my 'borrowed from others' file. Friday's post was Wild Animals, and of course there was some contriversy. I included among my wild animals a hen, a chick and some other beast they domesticate in South America, South Asia, or South Alabama.

Yes, chickens are farm animals, and I guess the strange looking southern fella is too, but to the best of my knowledge, chickens are rarely fond of humans. Chickens stick around for the food, not the company. Dogs, cats, horses, and stuffed animals usually have an attachment to their people. But the terms Wild and Domestic are more easily understood than Misanthropic and Philanthropic so I used them.
This blog is called, Just Plain Stupid, you know. Roll with it!
Let's start with Dogs.

Dogs are loving and sharing

.Always happy to play along
They're motivated
Willing to make sacrifices
And Never ask for anything in return
Cats are patient
Long-suffering even
Sometimes really long-suffering
But mostly they are cute
But they'd never use that against you
But sometimes it's their best defense.
Equines don't judge
Even when cows laugh at them
They just want to be cared for
How can we get that guy's stall?

You want more equines?  Here's a video.