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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Cats Have Things To Say

   The most frequent "funny" picture subject I get from my FB friends is a cat.  And if you are one of my FB friends, then yes, your cat, cats, feline street gang is the cutest, coolest, smartest, funniest, most zen-like, and superheroish of all cats anywhere.
   (Cat keepers need reassurance like that sometimes.)
   The result of this glut of cat pictures is that we now have a glut of cat memes, where some clever FBer or blogger (don't you hate those guys?) puts words in the cat's... well they print them in the same picture with the cat, giving the impression that the cat has this to say.
   For instance:
   Hmmmm.  They're probably right about that one.
   Also possible.
   This one is actually likely.
   I'm afraid that one might be true.
   Really?  I've never met a cat that wanted to accomplish more than acquiring the best nap spot in the house.  Some of the rest of these are even more...  Well, you decide.
  Less than 5% of cats (and 4% of humans) ever listen to Ravi Shankar.
   Some cats are suckers for Cadbury eggs.
   Cats don't like practical jokes, but they're even less fond of meetings.
   All cat armor must be warm and fluffy.
   Less than 2% of accidental shootings are done by cats.  And finally...
   Well, okay.  I'll buy this one.

   And now, presenting the opposing point of view.

   The easiest thing to find on Youtube - a cat video.