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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

I'm Sick

   It had to happen.  I have a fever.  My body feels like it did five rounds with a cement mixer.  I've got to lie down in five minutes so I'm just going to give you the first 13 pictures in my save file and get back to sucking on Nyquil.
Here's the dude that created the selfie stick.  That's not what he invented it for, though.  He just wanted to read the cereal box at breakfast without his glasses.
Safety tip
I got nothing.
A friend sent me this - still trying to figure out what she's implying.
Boiled reindeer.  Just like Mom used to make.
 Another safety tip
Deliciously thoughtful
Drive that bass beat!
And now you know why I talk funny
Progress sucks.

There's always a snowman that'll tell you, "I told you so."
Makes sense to me.
And I thought I was sick.

Okay, here's the shortest vid on Youtube when I searched sick.  Don't complain or I'll sneeze on you.