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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

(mostly) Non-political Pun-dit.

   Happy New Hampshire primary day.  I'd ask when this political season will end, but 12.3 seconds after we elect someone this November, the 2020 political season will begin, so...
   The heck with it.  Let's just do a bunch of puns.
   Star Wars has been popular since the last pun post.
Here are a couple spoilers from little-known parts of the movie
He convinces us to take our shoes off by the power of his mind
Hopefully she has a better air handling system.  Speaking of which, have you met...
Vlad the Inhaler.  Okay, that wasn't star wars, but air-related, like this next one
And speaking of bad air - 
Sorry for the politics... You just can't excape it unless you're...
There's a long tradition of animal stand-up
So bad the whole species died on that stage.  Maybe due to...
What?  You didn't like that one?
Books change the way your head works.  Sometimes too much
Shifting to a cultural reference - How about this one?
You lose the castle, there's always...
Poor Richard might not have had the best claim to the throne because
It's important to know where you came from and who you are...

Alright - one last pun to wishing Happy Valentine's Day to smart people
No, I don't get it either.

   Here's a British weather forecast crammed with Star Wars references.  How many can you catch?