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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Upon Further Review Part One: The Cute Pics

Since I started this blog in 2013, I’ve maintained a file of pictures I’ve used in the blog. One of the folders in that file is labeled “Re-use.” A few of the graphics in re-use have been re-used, such as the excerpt banner and the shrugging question mark that I frame the Dirk Destroyer passages in each Friday.

But most of the re-use stuff just sits there. So today and next Tuesday I will re-use the re-usals, or whatever the occupants of the said folder should be called.  So how do I split the pictures?  Let's do it cute
and less cute.
Okay, that's actually me.  I might have been wearing a mask - hard to tell, but the Pop Tarts are very cute.
You think Pop Tarts aren't cute?
Changing your tune, now?  Baby animals do that.
When they're on parade.
When they're afraid.
When they're asleep.
Even when they get pushy.
And some animals never grow up.
Just like humans.  All babies are cute.
Though some act strange.
And maybe a little creepy.
Alright, enough of this guy.
But cuteness comes in all ages.
Some times it's a mind set.
Even a great mind set.
And non-traditional fashionistas.
Like these two friends of mine from up north.
And the head of their secret police.  Too much cuteness.  One more picture.
To drive this post home.

And now, in honor of Super Tuesday,  A little Democrat Bad Lip Reading.