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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Upon Further Review Part Two: The Un-cute

Upon further review part 2?
So what I’m really saying is that this post is leftover leftovers – kind of like stale reheated hash.
Sound appetizing?
I’m guessing that some of you who stumble onto this post have not dedicated your lives to reading the hundreds of posts that preceded it, so maybe some of these pics might look fresh and new to you.

At least they won’t be cute. Cute was last week. These are the un-cute reusals from the reuse folder.
Un-cute includes scary.  
This carved pumpkin is disturbing, but how about...
A Rambo Queen Elizabeth?  Or...
A new visitor at your doggie door.
Even tree can spook you.
This one doesn't surprise me.  I've always been wary of Ronald McDonald
That's right, Pepper.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.
Not all un-cute animals are scary
Some are just angry
Or caniverous
Or prey for carnivores
For that matter, so are we
Humans can be un-cute especially Trekkies

Ones that are better off in comedy
Or music
Or dance
Or those trekkies that combine all three
But not all un-cute must be animate

It can be a slogan
Or a cartoon
Maybe a smelly cartoon
Or a smelly vehicle - or perhaps...
A truthful one

And now for all you Frozen Trekkies.