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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Toons In My Face........Book

   My stolen pictures folder is getting fat again, so it's time to push... offer you some of the... stuff that my FB friends have been posting.
   Beats writing my own material.
   Today's genre is cartoons.
   After Easter Sunday with it's deep reverence punctuated by jelly bean toting bunny rabbits my confusion over what is secular and what it sacred has intensified.  The recent FB toons seem to reflect this.
Let's start with secular toons:
Dogs don't do so well on cartoons
Though cats do no better
Animals as a rule should avoid being in toons
Not that it's so good for humans
My favorite of the day.
Then there are the sacred toons
Can't blame them.  I've never heard anything about naps in heaven.
Bass sigh
Are there puns in heaven?
So raking leaves is part of the curse?
Rock on, Gladys!
But what is secular or sacred these days?
I did this in school
I want to know who writes the book
Yup, Yup
And finally here's one for those of us who pretend to write.

   My favorite video toon is The Tick, but Dilbert's not bad either.