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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A Slay on Words

The proper response to a pun is an ursine growl, whether you can bear the hulaBaloo, or it makes you want to cave. If the pun comes from your cub, don’t let it give you hives. If it comes from your sweet honey, just let it bee. If you friend Nate tells a pun, you might through a few prickles his way, but then be polite and say, “Hi burr Nate!”
Does a bear crap in the woods? I don’t know, but all the following picture puns were crapped on FaceBook, and not a single one from my paw…

(or my maul, for that matter.)
Pun humor didn't start with animals but they are now infected.
This might explain it.
Yeah, cows are now good humor intolerant.
And it's passed on to each generation.
Not surprisingly, domestic animals are afflicted.
Though some domestic animals are too smart for me to understand how.
But let's face it; we humans are the source of this infection.
It might have started with our mating rituals.
Which we pass on to our young.
It affects professions like criminology.
And medicine.
Which even spreads to non-animate objects.
Which in turn might affect politics.
Even the planet is shaped by it.
And energy as well.
And if you want to escape it - I'm afraid there's...

   Then again - maybe it all started with the bears after all.