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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Art, Bart, Cart, Dart, F...

  Art is stranger than fiction.  I can't say that's definitely true, but this is an election year so truth doesn't matter as long as it sounds good.
   And art is art whether it sounds good or not.
Or even looks good
Yes, art can be creepy
Maybe freaky
And full of mixed messages

   And not just flat art.  3-D art describes life in few words.

   Sometimes Art's just a matter of perspective.
I wouldn't walk under that bird.

Or near this tree

Or into this giant baby?
Sometimes I think our artistic sanity is hanging by a thread.

   Art can involve nature.

Sometimes the suns lends a hand
 Or a foot
Or does the work all on it's own
Sometimes the trees branch out
And animals join in as well.

   Swifts - nature's aerial artists.