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Monday, May 6, 2013

Let Me Rot Your Brain With Facebook

May 6 2013

 Relationships are hard.  Are they worthwhile?  Some may say yes.  I say they're worthwhile as long as they're with people with soft couches, Pop Tarts, and an endless capacity to put up with my...
But saints are in short supply, and it looks bad if you have no friends at all.  That's why we have Facebook.  Facebook rots brains sufficiently to make us feel loved - or at least friended.
  One other benefit is that we get all kinds of stupid pictures.  Here's a few that made me ambitious enough to actually click my mouse a few times to save them.
 great inventions

 cautionary tale
 Have a Field and Steam Christmas
 Warning, cute animals alert

A no-brainer
 Animal truth telling

 American answer to Abby Road?
 sick as a...
These next three are real

 wish I'd written these
 Yes, this is a wood pile. Art?  or is winter too long for this person?
This is one of my FB friends