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Monday, August 19, 2013

Psychic Roach Part Three

Astounding as it may seem, not everyone finds a German cockroach to be the best choice as an iconic hero.
Luckily, there’s a baby in Part Three to up the cuteness factor. If you haven’t read Part One,or Part Two, I’ll summarize. A roach finds himself the lone survivor of his colony – all others victim to a box they entered but did not leave. What saved the lone roach was a premonition, or psychic emanation regarding the box. As he travels through the house, he receives repeated emanations telling him the names of things he sees and other information no roach has reason to know.

Enough summary!

Psychic Roach Part Three

by Headley Hauser

He scurried across the carpet and into the room to the left of the stairs.

The room had a large padded platform jutting out from the wall on the right, a… bed. A smaller, firmer platform, a… table, with a… chair stood to the left. There was also a… dresser in the far corner and several boxes scattered about the floor. To the far left of the doorway was a… closet, and though there was something intriguing about the closet, the room as a whole smelled dry and uninteresting. A spider hung from a web behind the door. The spider eyed him hungrily, but the web was high up and easy to avoid.

Moving back to the hall, he felt disappointed. He hoped the rest of the house had more to offer. There was light from under the door at the end of the hall. Since light meant danger, he crawled under the door at the near end.

This was more like it! Right by the door stood a…
diaper pail, and if he didn’t have so much to explore, he would have crawled inside for the rest of the night!

There was a small bed across the room. It was higher than the last bed and had rails on each side. The infant human’s chest was rising and falling as he slept. 
Such an aromatic creature! Urine and mucus were the predominant scents, but he could also smell perspiration and even some excrement. There were also unnatural scents, which were less pleasant. There was a painful, piercing smell from a box of wet clothes and a dry, mind-numbing fragrance from a bottle of powder that had somehow spilled all over the infant and much of the bed clothing. 
He hoped the powder didn’t harm the little human. He didn’t know why he should care, but there was something appealing about the way the creature slept so peacefully. Should he crawl up and remove the powder? He could work all night and not get it all. There were other places to explore.
I wish you well, human infant,” he sent across his antennae toward the baby. The baby’s lips twitched and he let out a sigh as Only Roach left the room.

To spare those less roach-inclined, (and to spare me the bother of finding non-disgusting roach footage,) I’ll start posting unrelated videos that I enjoy.
So far, it’s been a lovely jaunt for our psychic roach, but ware the peril that awaits him. Check this blog again on Thursday.

If you dare…