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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Free Dammit!

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Trouble in Taos
For Free!

Ya know, when I was 5, I had this great drawing going. I wasn’t very good at staying in the lines, but I was doing great this time. It was a school bus, and of course I was coloring it yellow.

As I was meticulously detailing my masterpiece, Glenn C. reached over with a red crayon and scrawled all over it.

I felt betrayed, but…

That’s right, if you’ve been putting off

BUYING Trouble in Taos for your

Kindle, Nook or Tablet

Your patience has just paid off!

When I was 9, I got this killer bike for my birthday. It was everything I’d ever dreamed of. I spent hours just staring at it, which was all I could do because my birthday came in Winter and we 245 feet of snow outside.

Finally the snow melted, and I got a glorious two weeks with my wonder bike. I was just starting to master the 5 speed derailleur and the hand brakes, when my sister, Hildegard borrowed it without permission and lost it.

I felt betrayed, but…

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Four Days Only!

I remember the first and only time I bought a brand new car. Sure it looked like a misshaped tennis shoe, but it was new and it was mine. I drove from the dealer directly to my friend’s house. We did a little joy riding then he asked to stop at Burger Death. They had a special on their 4 gallon Death by drowning Soda for 32 cents.

“You’re not going to bring that into my brand new car, are you?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be careful.”

We stopped at Pencil Mart (where you’re sure to get the point,) and bought 632 novelty pencils (good for all occasions.) We got back into the car and drove a mile.

“Where did I put my soda?”

The cup was on the floor in back of my seat. 3 and a half gallons of soda had deep-stained my carpet and begun corroding my undercarriage. There were 16 miles on the odometer.

I felt betrayed, but…

That’s Right

Neither Go Figure Reads, nor

Headley Hauser

Get a penny from this.

We just want you to enjoy-

Trouble in Taos!

I figured we’d been dating exclusively for two years. It was time to make the plunge. I asked her to marry me. She thought about it and said yes. Sure the other guys she was having sex with were better in bed than I was, but what the heck?

I felt betrayed, but…

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like this.

Sometimes writing for Go Figure Reads makes me feel like this guy.