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Thursday, September 19, 2013


Tee Shirts Too Part Two
   I'd like to present part two of the scintillating, most popular post ever made here on Just Plain Stupid... But it's a lot easier just to post a bunch of tee shirt sayings and call it a day.

Hey, everyone's angry about health care these days.

Talk about things that make you angry
Okay, it's probably not true - but we can hope

My feelings around election time

My bunny slippers assure me it's true.  They're very close

I tried this several times.  After a while...

I had this tee shirt.  I had to trash it 'cause it had too many cuts in it


The world is full of mutants

Speaking of mutants

Will punctuation stop mutants?

Go ahead - call him a wimp.

Yes, yes, I know I had this in the last post - but I can't get over how much Curly looks like Kirk.
And ONCE AGAIN, I find a video to fit the theme - the classic Rhys Ifans bit from Notting Hill.  If you think this is all Ifans can do - check out Danny Deckchair.  Warning - language