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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Overheard in a Tattoo Parlor

Whatcha want?”

“A scalp tat.”

All right – you got the space for it.”


Whatcha want up there?”



“Yeah, I want you to tat hair on my head – solid black.”



I’ve never done that. It’s not going to look real, you know.”

“Hey! They sell cans of spray paint for people to paint their head – a tattoo has to look better than that – plus I never have to worry about gray hair.”

Yeah, but everyone makes fun of the spray can hair. It looks kind of stupid.”

“All right – so what wouldn’t be stupid?”

Here’s my scalp flash book.”

“Yeah, nothing stupid here. I’ll just go with tattooed black hair.”

“Alright – maybe that looks a little stupid too.”