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Monday, October 7, 2013

Rotting Your Brain 3 Facebook Beasts.

The old Vaudeville saw is to never do an act with a baby or an animal.  Not only are they unpredictable, but they're bound to look funnier than you are.  As I scan FB, I marvel at the amount of time people must stand poised over their pets or other beasts with a camera in their hand.  And people worry about our Gross National Product!  Here's our GNP - pictures of animals posted on FB.  Surely, this must help our trade deficit somehow!
Sorry for calling you, Surely.

 Kittenhood is contagious
 I hope they don't talk to their distant cousins in the North Pole
 Too much time on Hubby's hands
 Been there
 Squirrel peace
 Yeah, that's about it
 Why I love the feel of Wash and Drys
 Who gets the remote?
 Not really an animal - or is he?
 Sorry, girls - too wise
 Like as in...?
 Why cats have mental health issues
 Good tip
 Cute warning
 And She Don't Care!
 I hope they didn't train him to do that
Eat - Sleep, so much to do.  Hard to keep it all straight
Here's a video that makes me feel better about the kind of person I am.