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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Babies respond to FB pictures

   So I got a slew of posts with baby pictures on them this week, and they don't look pleased.  Kids are surfing the net so early these days.  I didn't dare answer the telephone before I was 6.
   What has these munchkins so rankled?  Maybe it's all the other stuff that shows up on Facebook.
   Some of it is pretty scary...
Severe Penalties for missed compulsories
bad-ass garden-keepers
bad-ass queen - jeepers-creepers!
   It's enough to fill your diaper.

   And there's so much miscommunication.
at least I hope they didn't mean...
OK, I don't want to think too much about this.
Yeah, I tried that one
I don't care if she's confused - I'm still cheering.
   But us little guys?  We're lying awake at nap-time wondering
   Not all of it is in the best of taste
Just be a good egg, why don't ya?
shudder me bumpers!
Ya gotta look your best if you're gonna pick up a creamsicle in frozen foods
Yup - it's a pain in the...
   Adults wonder why we spit up our milk.
Of course, there are always the loonies
I hope they wore their lead bibs
Until she gets enough cabinet space...
now performing Penguin Lake
Relatives?  I'm admitting nothing!
   We hear you talk about being role models - We don't think it means what you think it means.
   But even Facebook adults sometimes have perfect moments
It's alright - I still find you appeeling

Now - for the video - the babies show their stuff!