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Monday, May 5, 2014

T-Shirts! Just Because

It's so easy!  I put up a bunch of pictures, and people like it.  So why do I write?
    Oh yeah - the addiction thing.
Speaking of Addiction
Addictions can lead to good things
Or as my mentor used to say -
Ah, but Patience is a virtue
Why is there no shortage of dumb...
Of course all the "Smart People" studied all the time - how'd that work out?
Not me!  I got my philosophy from Mark Twain
And my diet from Dom Deluise
Speaking of eggs
Not doing school work allowed me to catch up on more important stuff
The only course that held my interest was history
Enough about me.  Don't you hate it when people give you TMI?
Or those whiny types
Humans would be more lovable if they didn't talk
Finally - here's a non-T-shirt that I might consider wearing

This weeks video is a cautionary tale of what happens to lovable house pets if you make them wear clothes.