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Monday, November 10, 2014

Tee Shirts - Celebrating Seniority

Back when I was a freshman - I envied the seniors - till I was one and realized the free ride was almost over.
I guess that was a bit of a dress rehearsal for the real thing.  But no matter our concerns, we can still wear our neurosis-es on our chests.
Many start with that that time honored phrase...
I forget - What did getting lucky used to... Wait, oh, yeah.
Sometimes I can do that.  It all Depends...
Things look so much clearer after four or five
Wouldn't that be ironic?
Sometimes you just have to stay there and play with the dust bunnies
Feelin' it George.
I'm still searching for that second entendre.
Here's one in reverse
And speaking of respect
I did have a calculator - I could make it say hello upside down!
It's an artform.  I'm an artist.
Not what I had in mind
But getting older has its good side
Thank God!
But now I don't want to be...
Blessed nostalgia
But in spite of all the years - and all the stuff I've learned.  The first lesson was the best.

Remember when this was funny?