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Thursday, November 13, 2014

TNT Chapter 6 Part One - Damn it's hot

November is frequently the busiest month of my year, so those of you paying attention (there is help available,) might have noticed that I tend to serialize that month.  This is no exception.  For the next couple weeks, I'll be giving you Chapter 6 of Trouble in Taos buy it here!  Of course I'll be giving it to you in maddeningly little bits cause... that's the way I am.

Chapter Six

Damn, it’s hot.
I know, I live in New Mexico, so I should expect it to be hot, but Taos is usually cooler than Santa Fe – sometimes downright friendly. They tell me it’s the elevation. Taos is up high, closer to God and further from hell.
So how cold is it in heaven? I may not like the heat, but I’ve got no love for freezing cold either. Some preacher would probably say it ain’t freezing, it’s just right, about as just right as just right can be.
How can something be really just right? Either it is just right, or it ain’t. Something that’s just right can’t be less than something that’s more just right.
I’m tempted to go talk to Father Gonzalez about that, but he’d probably just change the subject and talk about my sins and how I ain’t ever been to church.
But damn, it’s hot!
I don’t remember it ever being this hot before. It’s gotta be something new, somthin’ that wasn’t goin’ on before. Somethin’s causin’ it.
I blame the damn aero planes.
If ya think about it, it makes perfect sense. We ain’t supposed to be up in the air. Only birds and angels and shit are supposed to fly. We send up these god-awful planes, bigger than any bird, and probably bigger than any angel too, and stir up the cool air that’s supposed to stay still.
Lindberg crosses the Atlantic, and everybody throws a big party. Then some girl does the same thing, and now people are flying all over the place, stirrin’ up the air. They’re doing fancy tricks and givin’ people rides, and now the whole damn country’s as hot a fry pan. One feller told me we got nothing but dust from Ohio to Colorado.
Nobody blames the damn aero planes – but I do. I figured it out.
Frenchie tells me they got a picture show in Santa Fe that’s always cool inside, like watching a show in an ice box. He says he’ll take me out to see a show there some time.
I don’t care about seein’ movin’ pictures. I saw one once, and it wasn’t much, but I sure would like to see the pile of ice they use to keep a whole theater cool.
That would be somethin’.
I’d read ya more of that Slimy book, but it’s too damn hot to read, and I ain’t finished tellin’ you about what happened after Slimy shot Rutherford James. You remember that Colmes wrote how Slimy killed six men with five shots? Well, it was five men with five loads, and like I said, it happened in two parts.

Damn, I didn’t need to tell you that; you read how he killed Rutherford James, and there wasn’t more than one dead body. I shouldn’t have to tell you that the other four came later.

Some have remarked that I needent have been so violent and graphic in my little story about a gunfighter(????)  For those people, I recommend The Warrior's Way IMDb  I consider it Kate Bosworth's finest work.  Of course, she's not in this scene.