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Monday, January 5, 2015

I Got Nothing.... But Cats


 As they teach us in the International Academy of blogging, there will always be times of inspirational breakdown.  This is the only reason cats exist.  Otherwise they are useless beasts.
   When you do your cat post, there are two ways to cheat.
   One is to post gifs that have been photo-shopped.
   The other is to post gifs where humans are making the cat do something he/she would never do on their own
   This is considered both cheating, and bad form.  On their own, cats will do funny things - assuming there are sufficient humans available who have nothing better to do than take pictures of cats.
    Props are acceptable

   As is the inclusion of other beasts

Even other cats
   I'm pretty sure this next one was cheating - but who can know?
   Finally, adding children is encouraged

   So now you know how to post a blog post with little or no creativity on your part.  Try it on your own now.  You not only contribute to the mental stagnation of Western culture, you also justify the existence of these otherwise worthless creatures.

I think they meant this vid to be cute and educational.  For me, it has the feel of a Hitchcock flick.