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Monday, January 19, 2015

I've Got Nothing... But Dogs

So if you're a blogger and you've got nothing to say (join the party,) you do a blog with cheesy gifs of cats.  But if you've already done such a post - what then?  As you may have guessed from the title and the unicorn boxer above, your next best bet is dogs.
   Try to avoid the gifs that are clearly manipulated by unconscionable tech geeks.
 In other words, unconscionably steal from only conscionable tech geeks.
this could be real - right?
The best dog gifs are of dogs just being dogs.
Of course it's fair if their humans teach them a trick or two.
The problem with dog humor is that the canine is not mean spirited.
Though appearances can be deceiving.
Dogs are sweet and playful
And impressive in their abilities
sometimes just by being themselves in slow motion

They can look goofy
I don't care what Wikipedia says, we're not dogs.  You got any more cookies?
But there's a wholesome dignity in dog-hood.
Is the post over?  Can I eat these now?
So remember, Dear Blogger - if you've already posted cats - go with dogs.

Not sure if I posted this vid before.  WTH, it fits the theme.