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Monday, March 9, 2015

Signs Get Me All Turned Around

Sometimes I wonder if we have too many signs.  They can be confusing or unnecessary.  Did I really need an inanimate object to tell me what animate objects have been happy to inform me all my life?  For instance...
Yeah - probably
Okay, I didn't know that one - but is it a bad thing?
Well, maybe signs can be helpful.  After all, where would American business be without signs?
Not that that's always a good thing.  I can think of a number of reasons to put them out of business.
Makes you wonder what they were saying before.
Might have been something like this
Or this.  Not the best English, but who am I to talk?  Asian languages translated to English make for some interesting signs.
Sometimes it's sweet and poetic.
Sometimes confusing.
Alright - frequently confusing.
Maybe it's a cultural thing.
Yeah - cultural thing.
I guess...  No, no guesses.
I'm pretty sure this is not a cultural thing.
Yeah - whatever.
Just go with it.  Makes me wonder what our translations into Asian languages look like to them.  Not that we always need the translation process to get confusing signage.
Wait! did Mittens just lift my wallet?
I'm almost certain this is a goof - but I'm using the restroom anyway.
I could have lived without that one.
Slipping is unpleasant - Up With People is torture.
Maybe the pound could adapt this as an advert.
I see this sign at all the high class establishments.
I'm all turned around - but I think this is where I started.

Whenever I get confused - I turn to Weird Al to straighten it all out.