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Monday, March 2, 2015

Things You Never Knew Existed (again)

Once again I received a wonderful Things You Never Knew Existed catalog in spite of the fact that I have never sent these wonderful people a dime. home page  I would love to buy from them, but their inventory includes things I'm happy to celebrate - but would never want to own - such as...
It's unclear whether this is a small model or a way for people to vie for the Darwin Awards.  If you're looking for something smaller scale...
I had a friend get one of these but I got turned off when I caught it humping a dragon fly.
If you're looking to make breakfast an adventure, how about...
For those of you who want your toast on the Dark Side.  And when the force sends your toast out the other end, you might require...
Or for those of you of a higher caliber...
But the best thing about Things You Never Knew Existed is the Tee Shirts.  I have posted several of them over the last two years.  Here's a few from their latest batch.
Makes sense
It's all a bit clearer now.
The great innovators - we owe them so much!
Anybody have a dog I can borrow?
Nobody can convince me they don't do that on purpose.

Unfortunately, many of their tee shirts are mean-spirited.  Those of you who are nice can skip to the video.  anybody... anybody?
 Gee - Mom liked photography...
Because we LIKE our phones!

 The only use I can think of for them.
Somebody sent me this one...  Actually two people did.
Here's my favorite of the bunch.
And finally, somebody who is on a lot of our minds this week.

These folks have nothing to do with the catalog folks - but it fits the theme.