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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Vanity, Thy Name Is Motorist

Back when I was a kid – (shortly after the invention of fire, shortly before the invention of bunt cakes,) you could tell those with more money than brains by looking at their vehicle tags. The tip-off was if the plate, rather than a random collection of numbers and letters, actually spelled something like BOBSCADDY.
A number of things have changed over the last half century. First, there are far fewer people named Bob – especially under thirty. Second, fewer people brag about having a Cadillac. Third, there is a cumulative crap-load of vanity plates out on the road.
So – has the maxim changed? Are vanity plates no longer for people with more money than brains? If we answer in the negative and the maxim holds, does that mean there is a great deal more money out there, or far fewer brains?
I’ll leave those questions to the more contemplative – perhaps we’ll ask the one person under thirty named Bob – if we can find her.

Sociological contemplatives aside – vanity plates can be fun.  Many are just straight-forward.
Right - got it.
Pauli Shore has offered his entire fortune (nearly a hundred dollars,) for the rights to this one.
I think we could have figured that out on our own.
Stay clear of puddles
I suspect this driver just doesn't like tailgaters.
Some are playing the game of - what can I get away with at the DMV?
In Minnesota?  She/he must be cold.
This is why some people still buy large sedans.
This driver likes to meet new people - with side-arms and Breathalyzer kits.
The classic upside-down message.
And backwards, of course
Nothing to see here - All Bengal fans itch.
The ones I like best are those that incorporate other features to make their message - either added on...
Or within the plate itself.
A little repressed evil in this plate?
Or maybe not so repressed.
Maybe the maxim has changed.  Maybe in this era people just feel a greater need to express themselves.  It might be in their DNA
But I wouldn't rule out darker possibilities.

And more plates in our video.
Those of you paying attention may have noticed this post is about 30 hours after the customary Monday time.  I've had a scheduling change.  If you want your stupidity fresh off my Windows 98 wonder-laptop, look for updates now on Tuesdays and Fridays.