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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Missing a Blog Post

If you look at the list of posts by date, you’ll see that a tooth is missing.  I had one written about aglets and then my laptop ate it.  Feverously I cranked out another post about preparing for the apocalypse (which I’ll post in the future – assuming the world doesn’t end first.)  My hurried post ready, a combination of events conspired against me.  My internet service ( decided they needed to send me a message about my account, and in spite of clicking on the prompt numerous times, I got either a never-ending download bar, or a ‘contact us’ hyperlink that sent me back to the original message.  (It’s still doing that.)
No worries – there’s always the wi-fi at the local library.  I packed up my ancient laptop and walked the mile or so to find the doors locked – Good Friday…  I never understood what was good about Good Friday.  Aglets, apocalypse, crucifixion, blog failure – was there a theme?
So I guess I can say that it took the hanging of God to finally stop my 200 plus regular blog post record.
One other thing the crucifixion and my missed post have in common – the world didn’t end.  The birds still flew – they still ate little berries off the tree – they still crapped those berries on my car.  I imagine in first century Judea they crapped on chariots, or maybe on the sales cart for Bob’s Crucifixion AccessoriesHow’s It Hangin’?
Thankfully the suicide squad from the People’s Front of Judea didn't show up – though I understand that their presence at the crucifixion is apocryphal.
So – in keeping with the theme of unplanned imperfection, the rest of this post will be populated by random images that responded to my Google search for ‘chair.’

Why chair?  I grabbed the nearest book, opened it at random and looking away, planted my index finger on the page.  The word under my finger was chair.  You don’t get much more random than that.  (Sure glad it wasn't hemorrhoids.)
Maybe this was a boring idea
A little more comfy, I guess
Am I the only one who looks at a leather chair and thinks - sweaty?
Here's some lovely restoration work by JPS regular, AMW
These types always remind me of grasshoppers
The good old days - when modern was more important than comfortable
Is that an upholstery pattern or moss?
REALLY creepy
Created by Homeland Security - for relaxing after water-boarding

And now - more chairs