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Friday, April 24, 2015

Ripping Off Clothes (Ideas)

   This post is dedicated to three FB and Blog friends, AMW (who did that chair thing I showed in a previous post,) PS (who posted some of the pictures you see here,) JMH (who is always knitting, crocheting or something with needles - I can't keep track.)
   In other words, I'm ripping off their ideas, so the least I can do is dedicate the post to them so they don't sue me.
   AMW has been sewing for the last month or so (sew?) and posting some of her creations, though not on her blog here.  I guess she finished her chairs.
   She reminds me of endless hours at the fabric store when I was a kid.  Sitting around in hopeless boredom hoping the aliens, the Nazis, or maybe the Apaches would attack.  Blood and mayhem would be far preferable for an eight-year-old boy than endless bolts of cloth and nothing more entertaining than pinking shears.
   But at the same time JMH has been posting about needle oriented stuff.
  I used to have her blog link but lost it.  And PS has posted some creative stuff that you probably can't find in a common retail store.
    But maybe that's just as well.
   It takes a real commitment to make stuff to make you look that stupid.  Of course it's not limited to humans.
    This has to be a kitten - would a full grown cat put up with this?
    Maybe she's trying to camouflage herself to catch cows and chickens
   Or maybe not.
   Thanks for the warning fellas.
   In my lifetime store-bought clothes became cheaper and more imported than home-made.  And yet there remains a remnant of people like my 3 friends who remind us that clothes can still come from our labors instead of our credit cards.
   And that's a good thing - as long as someone else has to wear it.  Just ask the sheep that supply the yarn.
Okay - which of my friends did this?

   Now - if you want to get started on your own.