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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Name That Gadget!

   Today on Just Plain Stupid, we're going to play an educational game.  See if you can find the purpose of the following 12 gadgets.  Those with a perfect score are permitted to buy their own gold star and affix it to their foreheads.
   Ready?  Let's get started.

1)  This gadget is...
A) A 19th century doorstop
B) A shoehorn for Masochists
C) I don't know

2)  This gadget is...
A) A multi-band radio
B) A pork-free piggy-bank
C) I don't know

3)  These gadgets are...
A) Incredibly obvious spy cameras
B) Potty-training robots
C) I don't know

4)  This gadget is...
A) A shoe for people that don't walk
B) An uncomfortable lounge chair
C) I don't know

5)  This gadget is...
A) A fat-burning belt
B) A device to fight excessive privacy
C) I don't know

6)  This gadget is...
A) A one-handed surfer
B) A three person nose picker
C) I don't know

7)  This gadget is...
A) A prevarication detection device
B) A drug-free acid trip
C) I don't know

8)  This gadget is...
A) An all wooden camera
B) A toilet paper kazoo
C) I don't know

9)  This gadget is...
A) A compassion-free ambulance
B) A mobile Soylent Green factory
C) I don't know

10)  This gadget is...
A) An on-the-go hair transplant system
B) A cranial relaxation unit
C) I don't know

11)  This gadget is...
A) It's not a gadget - it's a bug!
B) A presidential candidate
C) I don't know

12)  This gadget is...
A) A high-altitude, debris flusher
B) A sadistic enema
C) I don't know

    Alright - get you answers ready and see how you did.  The correct answers are: 1c, 2c, 3c, 4c, 5c, 6c, 7c, 8c, 9c, 10c, 11b or c, and 12c.  That's right - I don't know.  What did you expect?
   Stop complaining - you're the one looking for education from a blog titled Just Plain Stupid.

   You want educational?  Okay, here's an European agricultural film.