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Friday, September 18, 2015

Signs... Mistakes or Frankness?

   I'm beginning to wonder if all the mistakes I see in signs are really mistakes at all.

 Maybe there's a reason that software makes you want to jump off a cliff
 This house has plenty of room for family
The hospitality industry is very competitive
Sounds "pathologycal" to me
 Sure enough, there is no "excetions" in the English language... I think
American retail is twisted
I have no doubt
I'd rather not think about this one
  Some signs are just frank - even helpful
 Yeah, rub it in
 I'm not tellin'
 So... I should spend more time on the stepper at the gym - or don't bother?
 This company must be over-insured
 Make sure you get one that will look good on your wall
Brought to you by Starbucks and the ASPCA
I'm sold

   Or maybe it's not a matter of mistakes, frankness, or helpfulness.  Maybe it's just tacky.