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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Poopie Political Poopieheads!

It has come to this...
You see, I wrote a political satire novella for my genre series. I wrote it in 2013, and polished it up nicely last year, ready for a launch for the holidays - I even listed it as published in a collection of short stories I wrote.
The nabobs at Go Figure Reads dragged their heels (drugged the heels? drugs that heal? eels on drugs?)
and now, close to a year later, it's still not anywhere near publication.
The thing about political satire is that it's a lot like guacamole; it doesn't get better when it sits around. The politicians have been doing their utmost to satirize themselves over the last year, and a few of my key figures have become less relevant.
I blame congress.
(That's always a safe bet.)

The upshot is that the earning prospect for stale satire is no longer worth the eleven dollars and twenty-three cents that Go Figure Reads spends prepping a story for e-book.
I've come to two conclusions.

One: I'm staying out of politics. They not only rot, but their stories rot, and that just... rots!
Two: I'm far too lazy to let all the work I put in this story languish on the Island of misfit novellas, so... I'm going to bore you with it. This should effectively cut my loyal readership down to Uncle Humbolt, who has nothing else to do with his time for the remainder of his sentence in the home for the criminally tedious.
But, in an effort to inconvenience one or two other readers, I will alternate between the serialization of my irrelevant novella, and my ordinary irrelevancies.
What does that mean?

I'm not sure, but I think it means you'll find excerpts from the satire on Fridays and on Tuesdays you'll see stuff about penguins wearing party hats and crap like that.
So, starting on Friday and for several tedious Fridays to come, look for a complete unproofed (but not unpoopie) serialization of... Dirk Destroyer's Less Destructive Brother, Book Three in Cataclismically Unprofitable Genre Series - The Political Satire!
Oh, and sorry in advance.

As a matter of fact, I feel so bad about it, that I'll make the first two books in the series Trouble in Taos Trouble inTaos, and Volition man Volition Man free for e-book download on Amazon September 30th and October 1rst.
What do you mean that makes it worse?

And now for a completely unrelated video.