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Tuesday, September 8, 2015


   I've never gotten a tattoo.  I could only think of one thing to put on my arm - a picture of Herve Villechaize.
   I figured people wouldn't get it, and a lot more would misunderstand.
   But in spite of have no intentionally pigmented scars on my body, I can still appreciate those on other folks - especially those people who aren't worried about being misunderstood.
  After all, who wouldn't understand having SUMT or OLAE on your hand?  But some people go a lot further than that.
   I lack the insight to get a tat like that.
   Of course one eye lacks depth perception.  This guy (I assume it's a guy,) is a natural for teaching middle school.
   And if you can tattoo eyes on your body - why not put body tattoos on the eye?
   Here's somebody who wanted to make the phrase, "Talk to the hand," more feasible.
   If he won't talk to you, you can always talk behind his back.
   Or to his finger puppets.
   Tattoos have a way of bringing people out.
Which can be good or bad depending on what's in there.
   As with gas, it's better out than in.
   This one never got all the way out.
   Is this coming out or going in?
   I wonder how many paint fans have dangerous creatures attack and don't brush them off because their first thought is: "When did I get that tattoo?"
   In the end, the most important thing is just to be honest with yourself.

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