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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Scary Food

Growing up in the 60s, Halloween was all about candy. You were thrilled if you got a full-sized candy bar (unless it was Almond Joy or Mounds,) and you prayed that nobody put a homemade caramel popcorn ball in your bag to mutate into a candy wrapper giganto monster by the time you got home.
But other than the giganto monster, and the rumors of hidden razor blades in the candy, Halloween food wasn’t really about scary.
Witches teeth? Maybe scary if you’re a dentist, or the tooth fairy, but to us kids – nothin’.
Things have changed in the last five decades.
Halloween is more of a holiday now, and less of a candy grab.  It's more about adults and less about children.  It's less about Three Musketeers bars and more about edible body parts.

It requires a lot of thought.
   But what is the cerebral without a little heart as well?
   Finger food isn't enough.
   You need put your whole arm into it.
   Can't you see?
   Modern Halloween food has to have some bite to it.  But don't worry...
   You'll be fine as long as you keep your head.
   All kinds of creepy food ideas are birthed at Halloween.
   Though some might not be appropriate for young children.
   Or house pets.
   Aquatic house pets.
   Exotic house pets...
   All kinds of house (ugh) pets.
   Don't let it gross you out.
   Neither hurl, nor howl.
   Festive medical assistance is standing by.
   To help you scab over those rough patches.
   And put you all back together, safe and warm.
   snug as a bug,
   In a rug.

   Some gross food traditions do go back to my generation