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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Reigning Cats and Dogs (and other potential monarchs.)

   When we domesticated the dog to help us watch livestock - it was our idea.  When we brought cats into our huts to cut down on rodents - we THOUGHT it was our idea.
   We don't even call our relationship pet and master any more.  We know who's in charge.
   If only...
If dogs could talk
Or delegate
And didn't listen to cats
If they lived in castles
And played poker
Or performed on stage
Maybe with a chorus line
They'd still be suckers for toddlers
If cats got framed
Or were rechargeable
If they lived with fantasy creatures
Or way down south
If they were in charge of your garden
Or performed in movies
Or did impressions
They'd still be suckers for toddlers
If others dream of houses
and being creepy cuddly
I wouldn't trust their kisses
They might not even fear our toddlers
Knock Knock

   Here's a short from Pixar.