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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Revenge of the T-Shirts

Yup - another T-shirt post - because I can't stop looking at people who're trying to tell the world they don't trust their own mouth to be witty.
I'm not usually into insults but...
C'mon - admit it!  You've thought it.
Didn't Socrates say, "Know thyself?"  Oh, that's right - he didn't speak English
I enjoy people's personal issues
What was I going to say about this...?
That's why they're shaped that way
Doesn't everyone have that problem?  All of us do.
I wonder if they do that in China
My favorite
Then there are the profound thoughts
fixes everything!
Way to be!
I know a politician that should have thought of that.
If only world peace was so easy
and finally
Sometimes I don't even stop to put on pants!
How about a little Weird Al?