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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Volition Man is Out!

Volition Man, Willful Protector of Pollyville and Surrounding Towns is out and available on Amazon! link  The cover may change, but the story, characters, and dubious punctuation are now a recorded part of Amazon history just waiting to be downloaded to your Kindle, Nook, tablet, smart phone or Commodore 64.
I’m pretty sure that Amazon will give you a free peek if you ask nice, so here the first few paragraphs so you can decide if you want to look further.

Volition Man – Willful Protector of Pollyville and Surrounding Towns

Chapter A
Evil Masonry and Punctuation

Pollyville was the only rapidly expanding, largely Norwegian city outside of Norway. This particular outside-of-Norway location was in an agricultural and otherwise rural region of the American Midwest. For reasons beyond the collective kens of economic and demographic experts, condos and urban art malls now lined streets that knew only tractor repair shops and cheese stores a generation earlier.
And with the condos and art malls came crime, not the liquored-up cow-tipping horseshoe-hustling crime that the soil beneath Pollyville had been accustomed to for a century and a half, but real nonbovine-related crime – city crime. And so, there came to the rescue… superheroes, the virtuous yang to temper the corrupt yin of urban existence.
Or was the yin virtuous and the yang corrupt? One or the other.
In the early summer, common Midwestern superheroes pack away their winter-weight capes and shift their vigilance to mountain and beach communities, battling the sun-screened perpetrators of recreational evil.
But R.V. and pontoon boat defense did not suit Dirgan Voleman. He remained at work, honing his skills in the sweltering city. Preparation and vigilance was his watchword.
Watchwords actually.
So he remained at work, honing his skills, narrowing down his list of watchwords, in order to be…
Volition Man – Willful Protector of Pollyville and Surrounding Towns
(you probably picked that up from the title).

What’s the best all-purpose cleaning wonder in the world?”
Bezo! Bezo! Bezo!”
Dirgan Voleman (the clever alias of Volition Man) shouted with the rest of them. He monitored his heart rate, his breathing, his adrenal something-or-other. Do I really believe? Do I really want it?
Dirgan didn’t choose vacuum cleaner sales because of an affinity for the best all-purpose cleaning wonder in the world. He didn’t choose this career because he enjoyed sales or even the surprisingly good paycheck.
He was in the biz for the motivational pep-talks. He had to stay juiced.
Superheroes need that. Volition Man needed it especially.

Volition Man is the second book in the Genre Series. Book Three, Dirk Destroyer’s Less Destructive Brother should be out in 2015, so take your time reading Volition Man. Read it several times. Download it, read it, erase it, then download it again!

(please make sure to pay for it each time.)

I won't admit that Volition Man rips off The Tick (cause that would cost money,) but there is some unintentional similarity.  Here's one of the best eps from the best animated series ever!