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Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween Babies

Back in my tricycle days, when I wasn't dodging dinosaurs, I looked forward to the October I would be allowed to cross the street on my own.  That meant trick or treating, and getting a costume.  Nobody I knew put costumes on babies and toddlers - they can't carry much candy, after all.
Times have changed.  Most of the baby costumes are cute.

That's right, kid - might as well get used to having things loaded on your back
They picked this baby out of the garden
Wise, I am
I don't think there's a real person in that costume
I've got nothing
Some are elaborate - Do people still work?
Took me a minute
This one took me a minute and a half
This one I got right away - but does it fly?
In addition to all the cuteness - there are a few disturbing trends I'm picking up on.
Parents - are you really in a big hurry for them to get facial hair and tats?

Maybe these are around for the biker babies to bully?
I'm pretty sure this is child abuse.
But even more disturbing is the theme of baby as food item.
This one is subtle - older child elephant - baby - peanut
But even WORSE, is the combination parent-child baby food item costume.
Baker and cupcake - not terribly bad
Sebastian and cook - well, at least there's a cute song that goes with it.
Here's one that seems Okay - until you find out what it is.
The H1N1 virus...
I'm not a big fan of cute - but maybe it's time to go back to...
Or we may screw these kids up so much - they won't be able to work and pay for our social security.  The next thing you know...
The Fat Baby Sings

A little Halloween shopping.