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Monday, February 2, 2015

Groundhog Day

It's Groundhog Day!
Groundhog Day is a holiday that probably confuses readers outside North America, and delights very few outside rural Pennsylvania.
It's a celebration of hope that Winter will go away - even though it never does.
Well - it does go away, but not on February 3rd.  It leaves March 21rst - if we're lucky.
 In Canada - they just figure they're stuck till May.
But Groundhog day is a day of hope
And perhaps misplaced faith.  Some skip the hope and faith and try to spend the cold months inside.
Looking for new hobbies like knitting for friends
Rearranging furniture
Vocational training
And blaming others for that stir-crazy feeling
Out-door snow people tend to enjoy this time of year.
Unless they're in certain yards
Animals differ on the joys of the season
And even some humans find reasons to savor it.
But for me - well, there are reasons I prefer the south.
I can usually cope - barring unrelated disappointments
But generally, come each groundhog day, I get a little edgy if the prediction goes the wrong way.

This winter, try forcing your pets into hard labor.