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Monday, February 23, 2015


It's time we address a growing problem in America: Misandry - the growing prejudice against men.  Much of it comes from the odd notion that men are stupid.
While it's true that men don't always look particularly thoughtful, we must learn to judge people - not for their appearance - but for their actions.
Remember, males are nearly half of the population of the world.  By birthrate, we'd be more than half, but we tend to die earlier.  Nobody knows why.
It would be wrong to ignore the many valuable contributions men make in all facets of society.
The Arts
Inter-species diplomacy
And whatever the heck this is.
The point is, that without men, a lot of things just wouldn't get done.
Puddle-grounded electrical repair
Foot-based chipper clearing
Creative contorsionism
Gas-efficient appliance moving
Aquatic nose scratching
Yes - these are specialized fields, but where would we be without the intrepid male?  Far from stupid, males are capable of surprising cognitive acts.
The appropriate response
Envisioning new realities
Finding new uses for products
Contemplating Womankind
And deep introspection
So (chromosomally speaking) why ask Y?  Appreciate the men around you. Don't punish us.
Don't ridicule us.
Don't judge us.
Break free of the bonds of misandry, and feel the freedom to appreciate the male of our species in all his glory!

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