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Monday, February 9, 2015

You Say Your Day Sucks?

You're telling me your day sucks?  Let's look into it.
It all starts out in the usual way.
There may be a minor mix-up with the morning brew.
But it could be worse.
The donuts aren't perfect.
But some had to go without.
Not to mention other breakfast nightmares.
The morning commute starts poorly.
And the alternative was harrowing
But at least you din't make a wrong turn.
Or start your day with an appointment at the musical proctologist.
Sure, the software at work can be annoying.
But some people work for real a-holes.
And others have sadistic co-workers.
So be careful with whom you associate.
Because even those who say they want to help, can't always be trusted.
Especially if they insist on visiting you at home.
So be grateful you have the necessities of life.
And that you aren't living among anti-Semitic carnivores.
Take responsibility for your crappy day.
And learn to move on.

And the beat goes on.